10 Benefits of Speaking Spanish in the World Today

There are many benefits available to people who learn to speak Spanish. Speaking the Spanish language will acquaint you with the Spanish culture like nothing else can. Learning Spanish will greatly increase your enjoyment while traveling to Spanish speaking countries. Why learn Spanish? Ten key benefits to learning Spanish are:

1.Economically speaking Spanish speakers are a gigantic and rapidly growing market worldwide and are predicted to be one of the key markets going forward. Especially if you live and do business in the United States.

2.In many Border States Hispanic citizens constitute a growing majority of the citizens and bring with them cultural as well as political influence.

3.Speaking Spanish is an important asset for doing business in other parts of the world as well.

4.Knowing Spanish as a second language will make you attractive to employers as well, and more valuable to your company once you land a job. Companies and Governments often pay a premium wage for bilingual employees, so you can usually get paid more from the start.

5.If you have plans to attend a graduate school, law school or even medical school a second language, if not required, will look good on your transcripts and give you an edge in a competitive world. Sure you need to have good grades, but grades are not the only thing that admission committees are looking at when making their decision whether or not to admit you to their program.

6.If you are a student who needs some extra income, your Spanish language skills will allow you to make a nice part time income giving Spanish lessons to your peers. Speaking Spanish is becoming a valuable commodity and many people would love to speak Spanish,

7.Your knowledge of two of the most widely spoken languages will create a wide range of lucrative opportunities to be self–employed.

8.Culturally speaking your knowledge of the Spanish language will allow you to travel and open you up to culture, literature, movies and other arts that you would not be able to access without your Spanish language skills.

9.Some of best literature and movies in the world have been written in Spanish.

10.Learning to speak Spanish will give you the opportunity to live and work in a large variety of countries. This will also help you land the job or better yet, the career of your dreams.

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