10 Free Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has many treasures to be seen, and barrios to be explored. Short on pesos? No worries, so much of this beautiful city can be experienced for free- or at least for a cheap ride on the Subte or Colectivos.

1. BA Free Tours
11am and 5pm daily, BA Free Tours will take you around key tourist points in Buenos Aires- For Free! The tours are done in small groups, and are so casual you will feel as though are strolling around with your friend.

2. Caminito
Walk around to view the brightly colored buildings on cobble stone pedestrian streets. On the weekends the area is packed with vendors, street performers, tango dancers, and alluring smells from the many cafes.

3. Barrio Chino
Didn’t realize Buenos Aires had a Chinatown? Well it is an alive and flourishing Asian community with markets and Chinese restaurants. Also, you can visit one of the few Buddhist temples in the city, and watch the fishmongers work.

4. Recoleta Cemetery
Walking through the 15 acres of elaborate marble mausoleums, you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. The beautiful structures house the remains of former presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and even Eva Perón rest here.

5. Free Conversation Course
Speak like a local and meet others learning the porteño lifestyle. LV Studio offers free Conversation Class every Wednesday.

6. Markets
Buenos Aires is bustling with marketplaces full of art and must-have souvenirs. The most highly recommended markets are on Sundays in San Telmo and Feria de Matadores.

7. El Ateneo
A classically beautiful theater built in 1919 has been renovated to show off its splendor, and become a largely stocked bookstore. Sift through the shelves while viewing the marvelously painted ceiling. Find a book and settle down in a cozy seat in a balcony looking over the entire theater.

8. Plaza de Mayo
View the beauty of the Argentine government buildings, including the Casa Rosada and the famous balcony from which Eva Perón made her famous speech on May Day 1952. The Plaza also contains the Pirámide de Mayo, a nine-meter obelisk built in 1811 to mark the first anniversary of Argentina’s revolution against Spanish colonial rule.

9. Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur
This 865-acre park is a lovely escape to stroll, bike, or picnic while taking in the scenic view of the city’s skyline.

10. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Always free, and full of modern masters such as Degas, Klee, Kandinsky, and Van Gogh. Also a stunning collection of Argentinean and South American artists.