Funky and Fun: Bangalore and Shanghai Dragon, Palermo

Bangalore and Shangai dragon

We are going to be bringing you guys a weekly bar review type thing, because we care about your time in the city, not because we like going to bars *wink*. So as this is the first one, we’re going treat you to two bar reviews; Bangalore and Shanghai Dragon in Palermo. They are similar, as they have the same owner.
They go for the same unique pub style and both pull it off.

Shangai Dragon

Walking into Shangai Dragon, you really feel like your in pub in east London. The layout, the furniture and the indian influenced menu, it is not your typical Buenos Aires bar. Both have good taste in music and dabble in a bit of everything from old jazz to more recent indie rock.


In Bangalore you have two options for food, bar and restaurant. Both are amazing and it all depends on what your in the mood for quick bite before going out or a nice meal with friends.

Both are perfect pre game bars, although it can be difficult to find a seat in Bangalore so get down early.