Crossfit- South America Style

crossfitWhen I first arrived to Argentina, almost 4 months ago, everything was new. The food was new, the language, the Lunfardo, the people and, of course, the city of Buenos Aires. Although I found it fascinating and wonderful that every aspect of my new life was now an adventure, at times it became a bit tiring and I longed to find at least one thing that was familiar.

In the United States, almost all of my family is in the military and, as a result, participates in Crossfit training. Crossfit is a type of athletic training that combines aerobics, Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics to improve one’s physical strength. The idea is not to necessarily lose a lot of weight, but more so to tone your body and focus on strength building rather than weight loss. Crossfit gyms hold classes all day, every day and when you participate in a Crossfit class you are working out with other people. Everyone does the same exercise movements, but depending on your personal abilities, one person may use more weight or complete the exercise faster than another person. However, there is always one “coach” who leads the exercises and ensures that every person is completing the exercises correctly. In my opinion, it’s almost like having a personal trainer without having to pay for one! Good deal!

crossfit 2As I mentioned before, most of my family is in the military and participates in Crossfit training. My sister is a Crossfit coach in the United States and got me involved about a year and a half ago. So, in my search for something familiar, I sought to find a Crossfit gym here in Greater Buenos Aires. I found Crossfit Rex (located on Venezuela and Tacuari in San Telmo) and it has completely changed my experience living as an Expat in this city.

I have met so many awesome people who share a lot of my same interests! Everyone is super friendly and, although the workouts are sometimes difficult for me to comprehend in another language, there is always someone willing to help me improve both my Spanish and strength/conditioning. The only real way that I can find to describe such an environment is que buena onda!

Whether you’re a fellow expat or just looking for something new and exciting within a welcoming and friendly environment, I highly suggest coming in one day to try a work out. And if you ever want a friend to come along, give me a shout!


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