INGLÉS: vocabulario de otoño !

Ya llegó otoño a Buenos Aires ! Para celebrar, disfruten de esta lista de vocabulario de otoño. Querés aprender más vocabulario y expresiones? Los CURSOS INTENSIVOS DE OTOÑO comienzan en mayo! Todos los niveles de inglés, en grupos reducidos y con profesores nativos.



1. Autumn years – it is often used to refer to the later years in someone’s life “In his autumn years, Peter was able to enjoy his garden a lot more”

Blog_Images_Apple of my eye 2. Apple of my eye – someone who is cherished above everyone “Even though Frank has three children, his youngest has always been the apple of his eye”.

3. Old chestnut – it refers to a story or a joke that has been told so many times that it becomes uninteresting. Ted: “The best years of your life are when you’re a child”. Sue: “Not that old chestnut again!” Blog_Images_Golden Handshake

4. Golden handshake – Used in Business English to refer to a large sum of money that is given to an employee (normally high level) when they leave.

“The CEO was given early retirement and a golden handshake of £800,000 when the company was restructured”.

5. Turn over a new leaf – to reform and begin again “He has learned his lesson and has turned over a new leaf“.

Blog_Idiom_Take a Leaf out 6. Take a leaf out of someone’s book – to follow someone’s example

“Alex has really done well to turn his life around. You shouldtake a leaf out of his book”.

7. Lost in the mists of time – means that something has been forgotten because it happened a long time ago “The true significance of these traditions have been lost in the mists of time“.

8. To drive someone nuts – to make someone go crazy “That noise is driving me nuts. Please stop at once!”

Blog_I'm nuts about you 9. To be nuts about someone or something – to be obsessed with someone or something

“I am nuts about that girl. I’d do anything for her”.

Blog_Idiom_squirrel away money10. To squirrel something away – to hide or store something like a squirrel

“Lisa squirreled away a lot of money while she was working and now she can enjoy her retirement”.