¿Cuál es la película preferida de una guionista Argentina?

My favorite movie: “Habana Blues”. Dir: Benito Zambrano.

Hello everybody! My name is Daniela, I go to LVStudio twice a week and Eli ask me to write something about my profession. I have studied cinema at Córdoba University during 5 years. I made several short movies and a documentary about latin American cinema. This topic is quite interesting to me because the latin American identity is a mixture of natives and European cultures. It´s hard to define, we are kind of unity into a hugh diversity.

Some years ago I watched a Spanish-cuban movie that took place in La Habana. It´s the srory of a great musician who does anything to survive in a hard context. He has the opportunity to success when some producers arrives to the island but he has to choose between stay in Cuba or go to Spain to success. If he left Cuba he can’t never came back.

I recommend to all of you this beautiful movie: the script is interesting, the views are really nice and the music is amazing.
The director, Benito Zambrano, is a Spanish cinema maker who studied for some years in one of the most important cinema university around the world: the international cinema of San Antonio de los Baños, in Cuba. In this institution is usual to take classes with very important cinema makers like Costa Gavras, Pino Solanas, Robert Redford and Francis Ford Coppola, between others.
It´s freezing now a days in Buenos Aires? So go to see a movie!!!