Social Events and Immersion Activities in lvstudio

Spanish and English Conversation Exchange 

A Spanish conversation class followed by a social event.
Join us to practice, mingle and learn about other cultures. The best way to meet all kinds of people, travellers, expats and Argentines

Starts : 7.00pm.
Ends: 9.00 pm
Location: Our School.
Price: 70 ARS for lvstudio Students
100 ARS for non lvstudio Students

spanish school in buenos aires


Every Tuesday at 19 pm we invite you (for free) to practice your Spanish conversation skills with us in Palermo!

What: Free Spanish Conversation Class
Where: Ask us for the address
When: Tuesdays 7 pm
Why join us?:
> It’s free
> It’s a great opportunity to practice and meet new people!
> All levels are welcome
> Come as many times as you like

A native teacher and other students will be present. Maximum 12 per class, so let us know you’re coming ahead of time by emailing us at

Starts : 7.00pm.
Ends: 8.00 pm
Location: Ask us!
Price: For free!

spanish conversation class

Other Immersion Activities in lvstudio

Lunch in Spanish!

Every Wednesday we get together at our Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires and have pizza together! Is a great opportunity to practice your Spanish, meet all our Spanish Students, Spanish Teacher and the Staff!

50 pesos per student.

Spanish Class + Wine Tasting:

Touch, taste, and smell the wide variety of Argentine wines, from reds like the world-famous Malbec and the rich Tannat, to less known white wines like Torrontés and Pedro Ximénez.In this social event you will learn the provenance of your favorite wines and where to buy them at the best prices.

Your experience will be guided by a Sommelier who will introduce you, in Spanish, to vocabulary relevant to drinking wine.

Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires Exchange Buddy Program

Our Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires can match you up with another lvstudio’s students(Spanish native speaker) to be your language exchange partner! Meet up, have fun, make a new friend, and improve your Spanish conversation skills. Just one of the many FREE opportunities available to our student

Tango in Buenos Aires:

This social event in our Spanish Language School will make you fall in love with Buenos Aires and two of the most precious things it has to offer, Tango and the Spanish language. Finding the love of your life not guaranteed but you never know who you will bump into on the dance floor!

– Group Tango Lessons: Five 1-hour classes
– Ticket to Tango Show: Enjoy the most popular Porteño attraction with optional dinner
– Practice at a Milonga: Spend an evening dancing away at a tango club

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