¿Sos pajarólogo? Birdwatching in the Reserva Ecológica de la Costanera

gray necked wood rail Are you a birdwatcher living in Buenos Aires?  Then the best birding spot in BA is right under your beak. The Reserva Ecología de Costanera Sur, located right next to downtown in Puerto Madero, is an almost 900 acre natural reserve where one can spot over 250 species of birds
. The city set aside the land as a reserve in the 1980s and the land itself was extended with rubble from construction projects.  If you walk along the beach,  this is obvious from the twisted mounds of concrete and rebar that are slowly being overlaid with nature. reserva ecologica

Much of the area is floodplain and covered with small ponds making it ideal for waterfowl. Black Necked Swans, Neotropic Cormorants, Rufescent Tiger Herons, Great Egrets, and various species of ducks are a few of the usual suspects encountered in the marshlands of the park.  For the more timid species, like the Gray Necked Rail (pictured above), it’s best to arrive early before the joggers scare them off the trails. Move further into the trees and you might spot a Green-Backed Woodpecker or a Guilded Hummingbird or even the elusive Crenulated Whistling-Thrush.

guira cuckooThe Guira Cuckoo (pictured left) is a distinctive bird that foreign birders may appreciate as being unique to this area and quite easy to spot among the parillas begging for scraps. Taxonomically classified by its strong odor and habit of communal nesting, it has a lot in common with many other residents of Puerto Madero.   And the best part? The best part of a hard day birdwatching in the reserve is  having a choripan or sandwich de bondiola with a tall cerveza at any of the parillas outside the park to close out the day and tally up your bird lists.