Step back in time at La Epoca Barber Shop

la epoca 3   Brass fixtures, crystal chandeliers, and silver basins of all shape and size surround you as you enter the door. An antique French piano tinkles at the back playing tango classics. A working telephone booth from 1910 stands in the corner. You sit down in a barber’s chair manufactured in the latter half of the nineteenth century and the best dressed man in Buenos Aires steps up to you with a straight razor and a smile. Welcome to La Epoca Peluqueria. la epocaLocated on a side street in Caballito, you might not even notice this time capsule if it weren’t for the various antique barber accoutrements adorning the curbside. Miguel Angel Barnes, “the Count of Caballito,” is delighted to tell you the history of his collection of antique barber shop implements…it’s a living museum. Dressed in patent leather shoes,  a silk vest, and a cape (yes, a cape), his impeccable taste is reflected in the haircuts he gives. la epoca 1  Come for a haircut, lather up for a straight razor shave, or just have a cup of coffee at the cafe and take in the atmosphere while the piano plays. It’s an experience that will leave you not only looking sharp, but feeling like you have been immersed in another time. The piano player tickles the ivories from 4:00-6:00 Wednesday through Friday. On Friday nights, a play starring none other than Mr. Barnes himself, is staged right in the barber shop. Guayaquil 877 – Caballito Tel: 4903-7799 Open Monday-Saturday 9-2, 4-8:30