Fun Places to Visit in Buenos Aires

Guest Blogger: LV English student, Kida Kawer

…Things to do in MY City!

Agronomy and Veterinary University (Facultad de Agronomía y Veterinaría), and Ecological Reserve (Reserva Ecológica) in Costanera Sur, are two places that I recommend for everyone who likes live in contact with the nature, living in the middle of the city.

Agronomy and Veterinary University is located in Agronomy neighborhood, it has an around 74 hectares full of old trees, horses, cows and llamas (typical animal from South America), until a lake you can find.
I live near to this place, and go there to walk, run or just go there to drink a mate is more than necessary to be in harmony. There you can breathe clean air, the damp earth smell, see the green color in the orchards, listen the sing of some birds and maybe look at some ducks jumping to little lake.
On the week you can walk to more places than on the weekend. At night that place could be dangerous.

The Ecological Reserve, it is place in Costanera Sur located by the river plate, few block away from the busyness center. It has an extension about 360 hectares. You can find a great variety of trees and animals. Is a special place to take bird pictures.

The nearest Saturday to full moon they do a night walking using the natural light, it´s a great moment to be in contact with the nature (you need to reserve).
This place is special to go by bike.