30 Years of Democracy

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the bi-monthly setting up of Buenos Aires’ Main Sqaure “Plaza de Mayo” but last week’s grandiose displays were one to peg into your memory. With the Casa Rosada, the Argentine Government House, dolled up with lights, TV screens and scaffolds, the average passer-by may have been wondering what the banners reading “1983-2013, 30años de democracia en Argentina” were all about.30 anos

The celebrations were to commemorate 30 years since Raul Alfonsin was elected as President in 1983, marking a return to democracy for Argentina following the “Proceso de ReorganizaciónNacional” or “National Reorganisation Process” years.In 1976, President Isabel Peron was overthrown in a coupd’etat leaving a military junta in power. The next 7 years became a period of state terrorism, often referred to as the “Guerra Sucia” or “Dirty War”, where the military would use force to control anyone considered to be a political dissident. This included the violent and often fatal abductions of citizens who are commonly referred to as the “desaparecidos” or the “disappeared”.30 anos 2

Although the last 30 years of Argentina’s democracy have not always been smooth sailing, yesterday represented the beginning of a new start for Argentina. The vibrancy of this unique nation was reflected under the union of a diverse spectrum of the population: from young to old, rich to poor, Porteños to Tucumanos, people unified under the explosions of fireworks to celebrate the same history.

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