Tigre – relax your pace away from the city

Tigre – A Popular Destination for Locals & Tourists

Tigre, a long time favorite with Lvstudio, has been a popular destination for many of our Spanish-Only-Weekend-Trips over the years. While big cities like Buenos Aires are great places to spend a few weeks, sometimes there is a desire to escape to somewhere a little quieter and more peaceful to re-charge the batteries. This favored hiding place of the Porteños (people from Buenos Aires) is only a 50 min train ride from the Retiro train station. Tigre is divided in two by the Rio Tigre and the waters stream in from the inland jungles of Argentina.

Tigre lies on the Paraná delta, in the 16th century it was just a small port town until the wealthy elite of Buenos Aires discovered it at the beginning of the 20th century and transformed it with the now many colonial mansions and beautiful houses that we see today.

This is a huge water recreation area, and you will see everything that floats from canoes, kayaks, rowboats, racing shells, jet skis, rubber rafts, and power boats. There is no speed limit and everything is done by boat albeit buses, taxis, and hauling services, there are even supermarket boats! Tigre, in addition has many rowing clubs, and Argentina’s first “regatta” was held in here.

Tigre is not all about boat trips however, visit some of the many museums including the Mate Museum (dedicated to the popular tea drinking beverage in Argentina) the Navel Museum and Tigre’s Art Museum. Furthermore the iconic high ferris wheel and the many rollercoaster’s of the Tigre’s theme park provide endless hours of entertainment for the younger generation. Finally the Mercado de Frutos is a must see. This daily crafts market is great for picking up some local bargains and trinkets.

A Spanish & English Cultural Trip to Tigre with Lvstudio
Why not start your new year off by joining us at Lvstudio for our next A Spanish & English Cultural Trip to the Tigre Delta on March 1-2nd 2013? We will be partaking in numerous activities such as boat trips, swimming, sporting activities, sightseeing, and relaxing at the river side. Enjoy a typical Argentine asado with us and partake in numerous games all whilst practicing and building on your English/Spanish skills! Our goal is for you to use Spanish/English in all activities carried out throughout the day as we believe you don’t just learn a language, you experience it! Get in touch to reserve your place: info@lvstudioweb.com